Gel Extraction Kit 50 preps DC3511-01

Gel Extraction Kit 50 preps DC3511-01 kualitas terbaik dan harga murah, produk tersertifikasi kalibrasi Akreditasi KAN. Produk terbaik hanya di BMDStore.COM

Product Description

Buffer GC, DNA Wash Buffer, Elution Buffer, ezBind Mini Columns, User Manual

This fast and reliable kit is designed to recover DNA from agarose gels, and purify DNA fragments from PCR, RFLP, phosphorylation, labeling, ligation, hybridization and other enzymatic reactions. DNA fragments from 100 bp to 20 kb can be purified using the ezBindTM mini column with over 80-90 % recovery.

Storage and Stability

Semua komponen dapat disimpan pada suhu ruangan. Semua komponen kit dijamin selama 12 bulan sejak tanggal pembelian.

Kit Contents

Catalog# DC3511-00








Preps 4 50 250 100
Buffer GC 3 mL 40 mL 200 mL 80 mL
DNA Wash Buffer* 2 mL 15 mL 3 x 24 mL  2 x 15 mL
Elution Buffer 1 mL 10 mL 20 mL 15 mL
ezBind Mini Columns 4 50 250 100
User Manual 1 1 1 1

Safety Information

Buffer GC mengandung asam asam dan garam chaotropic, yang dapat membentuk senyawa reaktif jika digabungkan dengan pemutih. Jangan menambahkan pemutih atau larutan asam langsung ke limbah persiapan.

Before Starting

Persiapkan semua komponen dan persiapkan semua bahan yang diperlukan dengan memeriksa buklet instruksi ini dan menjadi terbiasa dengan setiap langkah.



Add 8 mL (DC3511/DC3514-00) or 60 mL(DC3511/DC3514-01) or 96 mL (DC3511/DC3514-02) or 60 mL (DC3511/DC3514-03) 100% ethanol to DNA Wash Buffer before use.

A gel slice of 100 mg equals to a volume of 100 µL.

Buffer GC may form precipitates under cool ambient condition. Warm up the buffer at 37°C to dissolve before use.

Pre-warm aliquots of Elution Bufer or ddH2O at 55-60°C waterbath.

Materials supplied by users

Tabletop microcentrifuge and 1.5 mL microtubes.

55-60°C waterbath.

Vacuum manifold if use vacuum protocol.

96~100 % ethanol.

Isopropanol for DNA fragment less than 200 bp.

Trouble Shooting Guide

Possible reasons
Suggested improvements
Low DNA yield •1.Not enough Buffer GC



•2.Agarose gel doesn’t melt completely



3.Reused electrophoresis buffer with increased pH.


4.Fragment < 200 bp


5. Fragment >10 kb

•1.Determine the volume of Buffer GC to be used correctly as instructed.


•2.Make sure to set the water bath to 55-60oC to allow gel to melt completely. Add more Buffer GC if necessary.

•3.Use fresh electrophoresis buffer.



•4.Add isopropanol as instructed.


•5.Incubate the column (after adding ddH20 or Elution Buffer) at 60oC for 15 min before elution.

No DNA yield Forgot to add ethanol to DNA Wash Buffer Add absolute ethanol to DNA Wash Buffer as instructed before use.
DNA sample floats out of well while loading agarose gel Ethanol was not completely removed from the column following wash step After the wash step, centrifuge the empty column with the lid open at top speed for 1-3 min. Repeat once.
Column clogged Agarose gel doesn’t melt completely Make sure to melt the gel at 55-60oC before loading the sample to DNA column.

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