Desikator DURAN DN 200 Desiccator Original VACUUM (Complete Set)

Desikator DURAN DN 200 Desiccator Original VACUUM (Complete Set) kualitas terbaik dan harga murah, produk tersertifikasi kalibrasi Akreditasi KAN. Produk terbaik hanya di BMDStore.COM

Product Description

Deskripsi Desikator DURAN DN 200 Desiccator Original VACUUM (Complete Set)

DURAN® Original Laboratory Desiccator Vacuum Complete Set without Silica Gel (Made in Germany)

DURAN® desiccators are used for drying moist substances or as storage vessels for moisture-sensitive products. To accelerate the drying process, the desiccators can be used under vacuum. Due to the high wall-thickness of the vessels and the exact machining of the vacuum-tight ground joints on the lid and base, storage under vacuum is possible – even over extremely long periods.

All individual parts and a wide range of accessories such as lids, stopcocks, bases, etc. are compatible and can be interchanged as required. Always ensure the individual parts have the same DN (nominal diameter).

For desiccators, the DN is based on the diameter of the sieve plate; this can be measured directly. For lids, measure the outside diameter of the flange and cross reference with the tables on the product pages.

Usage tips:
• Designed for use under absolute vacuum.
• Due to the high wall thickness and the reduced thermal shock resistance under pressure loading, the desiccators must not be heated on one side only or heated using a naked flame.
• Before evacuation, it is recommended that the glass surfaces of the desiccator be checked for damage such as scratches, cracks or nicks. Damaged desiccators must not be used for safety reasons.
• Never expose desiccators to abrupt pressure changes (do not suddenly ventilate evacuated vessels).

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