CHNS(O) Analyzer

Product Description

CHNS (O) Applications
CHNS analysis gives the percentage composition of each element in a sample. Impurities can easily be identified. Due to the speed of analysis and ease of sample preparation CHNS analysis is appropriate to be performed during a manufacturing process to monitor the process.

The data produced by CHNSO elemental analysis helps scientists determine the chemical composition and structure of an organic compound. Elemental analysis is a fast, simple and inexpensive technique for determining chemical composition.


  • Fast analysis time of 3.5 to 4.5 minutes with extended reagent life ensures low cost per analysis and increased uptime for maximum throughput regardless of sample matrix or mass
  • The nitrogen/protein model has 2000 sample reagent cycles
  • The unique combustion gas handling and aliquot dosing system eliminates the need for chromatographic separation, trapping and cleaning techniques, and other costly whole gas analyses.
  • The simple gravity-fed autoloader allows for unattended analysis with an optional capacity of up to 120 samples, while increasing long-term loader reliability.


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