Azzota SM-1100, 4nm Economic UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

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Product Description

Model: SM1100
Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
MPN: Does Not Apply
Brand: Azzota

High quality silicon photometric diode detector and 1200 lines/mm grating ensure high accuracy and precision.
Press one button for easy switching between Transmittance, Absorbance and Concentration modes
Automatically setting Wavelength, Zero and Blank, is easy to use.
Optional software based on Windows can expand the applications to Standard Curve and Kinetics through the USB Port.
Large LCD screen (128 x 64 bits). It can display 3 groups per screen with standard curve and the curve equation.
Test result can be saved directly to system. The built-in RAM can store 50 groups of data and 10 standard curves.
Convenient for checking and reloading from saved files.
Three-points-method to measure concentration of unknown samples.
Data can be restored after a sudden power cut.
Halogen tungsten lamp and deuterium lamp can be turned ON/OFF individually to extend the lamp’s lifetime.
The SpectroSoft application software provides complete control of the spectrophotometer from a computer through the built-in USB port.
Pre-Alignment design makes it convenient to change lamps.
Large sample compartment. It can accommodate 5-100mm Pathlength cuvettes with optional cell holders.
A variety of optional accessories are available.

  • Wavelength Range :200-1000nm
  • Spectral Bandwidth:4nm
  • Wavelength Accuracy: /-2.0nm
  • Photometric Accuracy : /-0.5%T
  • Stray Light:<0.3%T 220nm, 340nm

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